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Mummy-tummy reduction with Maximus Trilipo Lipofirm Pro

The non-surgical tightening and toning solution to reshape and contour your tummy exactly how you want.

Mummy-Tummy Reduction in Dublin Smithfield


The Maximus system is the only aesthetic device on the market which provides effects within four layers of the human skin - the epidermis, the dermis, fat tissue, and the muscles for complete anti-aging and body contouring results. It’s used with the high success on different parts of the body. One of the most common areas to be treated is tummy and its sides – either after pregnancy called ‘mummy – tummy’ or in general with a need of circumferences reduction and skin quality improvement (loose skin or stretch marks).

  • Transform: Treats a mummy tummy – Transform the ‘mum tum’ both superficially and under the skin
  • Rejuvenate: Tightens loose skin – Works to rejuvenate the skin leaving it looking and feeling tighter
  • Tighten: Post weight loss tool – Firms up lax skin as a result of losing weight

Maximus Trilipo featured in TV UK program: This Morning with Philip & Holly! And it already became one of the most favorite treatments among celebrities to reduce cellulite and body circumferences.

Maximus Trilipo featured in TV UK program

It is an FDA approved, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment method for eliminating fat cells from most parts of the body, which require treatment.

While there is no non-surgical cosmetic procedure that will result in actual weight loss, the Maximus will reduce body circumference and contribute to improved contours. This may provide men and women with a non-surgical option to liposuction, depending on the extent of their condition.

Maximus gives you dramatic body results include localized fat reduction, cellulite treatment, improvement of stretch marks, reduction of body scars and a decrease in circumference. Procedures are virtually painless and require minimal downtime. The whole treatment takes between 20 up to 1h (depending on the area) with some extra time that might be added for the consultation, so it can be literally performed during your lunch break. Clients can return to their daily routine directly after treatment.

The Maximus Trilipo Lipofirm Pro Tummy Tuck

Designed to totally rejuvenate the appearance of the abdomen, The Maximus Trilipo Lipofirm Pro Tummy Tuck is an ideal treatment for those seeking skin tightening or women who are unhappy with their ‘mum tum’ after having a baby. During the treatment a hand piece is moved over the area to deliver radio frequency energy that tightens and tones the skin. Specific areas can be targeted more than others, making it an entirely bespoke body rejuvenation treatment tailored to you.

How does Maximus MAXIMUS TRILIPO ® work

How does Maximus Triplipo ® work

The system brings together two effective methods - tripolar radio frequency (RF) and innovative dynamic muscle activation (DMA). With a single applicator, these technologies are synergised into interactive effects which result in non-invasive fat reduction, as well as improved muscle and skin tone.

Maximus TriLipo works by targeting fat cells by radiofrequency energy, which penetrates the epidermis and dermis of the skin. The skin is heated to 40-42 degrees Celsius. As a result of this heat generation, the fat cells interact with water. The heat that is generated is strong enough to cause thermal damage to the surrounding fat tissue and connective tissue, thus ‘bursting’ the fats cells and releasing liquid fat into the circulation.

A secondary effect of Maximus TriLipo is treating cellulite. Cellulite being described as herniation of subcutaneous fat within connective tissue, as the connective tissues septate are also released with the heat generated, the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

The exciting aspect of Maximus TriLipo, which no other device has, is the dynamic muscle activation (DMA) which causes the muscle to contract, thus pushing and massaging the released fat into the lymphatic system. This results in elimination of fat from the body, thereby contouring the treated area as well as toning the muscle.

Unlike other body contouring devices, Maximus TriLipo requires no exercise immediately after the treatment, but a healthy diet and regular exercise will help to maintain the results achieved by the treatment.

The heat generated also activates the fibroblasts which reside in the dermis, to produce more collagen, which tightens and smoothes the skin, giving a younger appearance. Treatment with Maximus TriLipo not only has the effect of causing immediate skin tightening, but it continues to treat skin even after the treatment has finished.

So the treatment not only creates body contouring, but it also creates body toning with the DMA system and skin tightening, thus helping with saggy skin and making the skin feel smoother and looking younger.


MAXIMUS TRILIPO for Body Circumferences and Fat Tissue Reduction in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Almost any part of the body can be treated. Treatment should be performed once a week per one area. We advise to treat maximum not more than 2 areas per week. Typically, the standard protocol for body treatments is 8 sessions. However, if needed, more treatments can be added according to severity of the condition. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 1-3 months to maintain and improve the treatment results.

Maximus Triplipo ® results

The most common areas treated with MAXIMUS TRILIPO ®:

  • Tights
  • Abdomen
  • Post pregnancy tummy called ‘mummy tummy’
  • Arms ‘batwings’
  • Buttocks
  • Ankles, knees
  • Calves
  • Sides
  • Butterflies on the back
  • Double chin
  • Areas with cellulite
  • Post liposuction loose skin (requires doctor’s approval)
  • Face for skin rejuvenation, skin contouring and wrinkle reduction
  • Hands

Indications for MAXIMUS TRILIPO ®:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Non-invasive body sculpting and body contouring
  • Muscle lifting, toning or tightening
  • ‘Stubborn’ body areas that require sculpting and contouring in case where exercises and diet don’t improve their appearance
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Face-shape contouring
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Detoxification and lymphatic drainage
  • Poor blood circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Falling eyebrows
  • Rejuvenation of hands, feet

Contraindications for MAXIMUS TRILIPO ®:

  • Age under 18 years
  • Pacemaker or other internal electrical devices
  • Metal or other implants in treated area
  • Pregnancy, breast feeding
  • It is not advised to do procedure during the menstruation
  • Cancer or cancer history in last 5 years
  • Epilepsy
  • Compromised immune system (AIDS, HIV, immune-suppressive treatment)
  • Fat implants in treated area
  • Anticoagulants, retinoids
  • Hypo- or hyper-sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Sensory processing disorders, neuropathy, nerve damage
  • Any other active problems in the treated area, e.g. wounds, hemorrhage, contagious diseases, psoriasis, eczema, rash, deep or recent tan if skin is still irritated or inflamed
  • Varicose veins in the treated area
  • History of keloids, wound-healing disorders
  • Very dry and very sensitive skin
  • Any surgical, invasive, ablative procedures in the treated area before it has fully healed
  • Long-term treatment with steroids or drugs containing St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Please note that in some cases, in order to achieve the best results, we recommend to combine Maximus Trilipo treatments with:

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Advanced Fat Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Advanced Fat Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

Mummy-Tummy Reduction before and after in Dublin Smithfield

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Slimming and cellulite reduction in Dublin 7 Smithfield

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