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About MEDSHAPE for anti-cellulite and slimming treatments

MEDSHAPE is the most effective, non-invasive method for the reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue. It allows reducing the body circumference in a very short time, even several centimeters. The original medical device has CE certification so that treatments are very safe and extremely effective. MEDSHAPE device is a combination of four cutting-edge technologies: bipolar RF, bio stimulating laser, vacuum massage and mechanical rollers massage.

Biostimulating laser IR

Operates in the shallow layers of the skin and increases the temperature in the adipose tissue, accelerates metabolism, prepares the skin for better flow of the current and exposure to RF on the deeper layers of the skin, increases the amount of oxygen supply accelerating the process of lipolysis.

RF Radio Waves

Works on the deep layers of the skin and raises the temperature of the tissues, thereby restoring the collagen and elastin fibres and eliminating adipocytes or fat cells of accumulated areas. It activates the processes of lipolysis in fat cells.

Vacuum anti-cellulite massage

Improves the blood supply of the adipose tissue by providing an increased dose of oxygen needed to burn fat and reduce cellulite. It increases the penetration depth of the RF current and IR light and increases the activity of fibroblasts to rebuild the connective tissue.

Mechanical massage

Moving rollers clear the lymphatic system thus streamlining the process of removing toxins from the body and accelerating the processes of metabolism, leading to a reduction in mutual agglomeration of fat cells.

Intense anti-cellulite program

Anti-cellulite treatments deal Dublin 7 Smithfield
  • Buy package of 8 sessions of Med Shape + 4 anti-cellulite manual massages + 4 manual lymphatic drainages and get 25% discount deal!

To whom MEDSHAPE anti-cellulite treatment is addressed to

MEDSHAPE treatments are addressed to all men and women who want to find an effective, rapid and non-invasive solution for aesthetic problems of the face and body without the risk of side effects and complications. Regardless of the type and condition of the skin, MEDSHAPE treatments can be precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer quickly achieving the desired results. The main task of the device is to reduce the adipose tissue and cellulite. Most often, these two conditions are linked. In the presence of excess of adipose tissue, the skin condition is further aggravated by the cellulite.

How does MEDSHAPE Anti-cellulite treatment work

Cellulite consists of oedematous-fibrotic-sclerotic changes of the subcutaneous tissue. The process starts with increased accumulation of fat in fat cells, which leads to swelling and impede blood and lymph circulation. As a result, the metabolism of the skin cells and subcutaneous tissues is impaired. The skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby and uneven. MEDSHAPE through the use of four different techniques: vacuum massage, mechanical massage, RF radio waves and IR bio stimulating laser, becomes the most efficient device aimed at reducing the fat cells. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces cellulite and firms the skin.

Anti-cellulite treatment before and after

MEDSHAPE in body treatments

  • Cellulite and adipose tissue reduction
  • Body modelling
  • Activation of lipolysis
  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Bust firming

How many anti-cellulite treatments do I need

In order to achieve the best results 8 sessions are advised (once per week) combined together with manual anti-cellulite massage and manual lymphatic drainage. Nevertheless first results could be visible even after one session with more significant changes after 4th treatment.


Treatment lasts between 30 min (small area) up to 1h (bigger area).

Light diet, exercise and 2-3l of mineral water per day are advised in order to help achieve expected results.

Once the sessions are finished, is recommended to do 1 – 3 treatments per quarter in order to maintain the effects.

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