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Eyeliner semi permanent makeup

Eyeliner semi permanent makeup in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Get more defined Eyes with Eyeliner semi permanent makeup treatment

For many women, applying eyeliner to create a defined look can be a tricky or time consuming task. If you wish for beautiful defined eyes then you have come to the right place. Our fabulous eye makeup treatments will allow you to wake up with brighter and younger eyes.

Semi permanent makeup Dublin 7 Smithfield

We will advise you on Eyeliner semi permanent makeup treatment

Oasis Beauty works only with qualified professionals who have relevant education and experience in that area. Talk to our semi permanent makeup specialist to find out more about the procedure.

Before and after eyeliner semi permanent makeup in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Eyeliner semi permanent makeup in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Contraindications for Eyeliner semi permanent makeup

Please note that there are some contraindications to that treatment, as well as pre and after care requirements. That is why detailed consultation is needed in order to be qualified for the semi permanent makeup.

After Eyeliner semi permanent makeup treatment

A few days before you get treatment on your eyelid, your skin should be properly moisturized and smoothed out. It is very important to have a good night’s sleep before the treatment, to make sure your eyes are not tired. Be sure that your eye lashes aren't tinted just before treatment.

Directly after the treatment the colour is quite intense. There is no need to worry, as the colour will fade away by 50% of the initial colour within 4 to 7 days. A few days after the treatment, the pigmented areas should be treated very delicately. Do not wash your skin with soaps and you should not use the sauna, solarium or SPA treatments.

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