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Image Skincare Oxygen Lift Facial

Image oxygen lift facial in Dublin 7 Smithfield

What is Image Skincare Oxygen Lift Facial

The Oxygen Lift Therapy is a 5-step ‘red carpet’ facial administered in the most relaxing of ways, with zero downtime afterwards. Environmental pollutants, high stress levels, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and a diet high in saturated fats contribute to lackluster skin, and the Oxygen Lift leaves you with intensely hydrated, oxygen-boosted skin for a completely refreshed look. This luxurious treatment infuses the skin with oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals; perfect for tired or ageing skin.

Image Skincare Oxygen Lift Facial in Dublin 7 Smithfield

How does the Oxygen Lift work

Skin is first thoroughly cleansed to remove any dirt, makeup and impurities from its surface. Almost immediately, your skin will begin to look brighter and healthier. An Enzymatic Peel is then applied to your face to remove any residual dead skin cells and stimulate circulation and collagen production deep under the skin. The next step involves an Oxygenating Masque that delivers a potent injection of oxygen to the skin. This is left on until it is fully absorbed in order to maximize oxygenation of the face. To complete the Oxygen Lift Treatment, a Stem Cell Enhancer is applied to the skin containing a high concentration of stem cells, botanicals and Vitamin C to repair and revitalize your face. Deeply hydrating moisturizer is applied to give you a glow, with the UVA and UVB protection.

Skin types for Image Oxygen Lift Facial

Suitable for all Skin types, including during pregnancy.

Image oxygen lift facial in Dublin 7 Smithfield

Image Skincare Oxygen Micro Lift Facial

A duel-treatment combining microdermabrasion with an oxygen lift facial treatment for a more advanced result for clients wanting even better results from their facial.

Recommendation for Image Oxygen Lift

A course of at least three treatments every 2 weeks is recommended for optimum results. Recommended before important events, this treatment is also a perfect solution between more abrasive procedures, as a maintenance anti-ageing treatments.

Image skincare in Dublin 7 Smithfield
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