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Japanese acupuncture

Japanese acupuncture Dublin 7 Smithfield

Our Japanese acupuncture specialist Ayami graduated from 3 years acupuncture and moxivation studies in Japan where she passed Japanese national exam to be a professional Acupuncturist. She’s been treating patients in a very holistic way by combing her acupuncture knowledge with mozavation, massage and aromatherapy skills. Ayami is also a member of AFPA Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association in Ireland, so depending on your health insurance policy, you may be able to claim your receipt back.

Certified Japanese acupuncture specialist Dublin 7 Smithfield

What is a Japanese acupuncture

In our clinic you can experience a Japanese acupuncture method called Shakujyu which is a very gentle method compering to the traditional practice. It concentrates on sickness prevention by reaching “Mibyou” stage which is an internal body balance. Other key benefit is a significant relaxation and stress release that you will feel after each session. We recommend to combine the acupuncture session with 30min back massage for even further relaxation.

How the Japanese acupuncture treatment will look like

First session always starts with a detailed consultation in order to analyze your main concerns and expectations. Please note that each treatment is adapted to your individual needs. In most of the cases only few main acupuncture points of the body will be used during the session, together with gentle stretches, heat or light massage. Main focus is on balancing the body and increasing the person’s immune system. Balancing body energy doesn’t require very deep acupuncture that is why it is always adjusted to body’s reaction.

Once the session is finished, you will receive a home care advice as well as a special acupuncture body sticker to extend the effect of the treatment.

Japanese acupuncture Dublin 7 Smithfield

Key benefits of Japanese acupuncture

The list of benefits from the acupuncture is endless as it can work physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually. It’s used for back pain, digestive problems, frozen shoulder, acne, headache, infertility, oedema, general pain, tiredness, bruxism from stress at night and many others. It also helps with infertility, menopause period and PMS tension.

As the body is treated in the holistic way, acupuncture helps with the whole internal body imbalance. That is why you may feel much better in general apart of your main concern.

How often the Japanese acupuncture treatment is recommended

Frequency of the sessions depends on the individual body condition.

It is recommended to have regular visits for results maintenance to prevent or reverse change made by stress, some chronic disease or long term stuffiness.

What are the contraindications for Japanese acupuncture

Please note that first visit covering detailed consultation will allow us to verify us if there are no contraindications that you could follow with the treatment.

Some of them would be: Alcohol intake before the session, pregnancy , cancer, high fever, recent bone break, too high or too low pressure, serious mental health, hemophilia, blood infection, diabetes and other.

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